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The Workforce and Community Services Division at East Mississippi Community College is committed to enhancing the economic opportunities available to ALL residents in our district, in order for them to enjoy the "American Dream." 

To accomplish our mission of connecting residents with economic opportunities, we serve as a Wokforce Investment Network one-stop operator--connecting job seekers with comprehensive employment resources, adult education opportunities, training and skill development programs, and additional support services to help threm attain and maintain gainful employment.
We also partner with local businesses to assist them in recruiting, training, and retaining top talent by connecting them with the skilled and productive workforce they need to grow their business, innovate, and achieve operational success. Similarly, we assist local Economic Development organizations in retaining and expanding existing Business and Industry and recruiting new Business and Industry to our community.
At EMCC Workforce and Community Services, we understand that workforce development IS economic development. 
In addition to EMCC's credit career-technical pathways, the Workforce and Community Services Division offers a variety of industry-relevant, skill-based workforce development courses. These courses are ideal for individuals who are looking to upgrade their skills or learn new skills for a promotion or career change. All workforce classes are taught on a rotating basis according to individual interest, industry demand, and job availability. All participants must achieve a silver certification or better on their ACT WorkKeys Assessment, provide a copy of their high school transcript or diploma, and complete 12 hours of Mississippi's Smart Start curriculum. Some courses may have additional entry requirements. For a complete listing of current classes or to register for a class, please contact the Workforce and Community Services Division at 662.243.2686. 
Similarly, as subject matter experts in technical training, our knowledgeable team is able to create customized training modules for individual industry partners to address their specific training needs. We also offer the DDI Leadership Program which can be tailored to industry needs for leadership and supervision training. Contact our Workforce Director at 662.243.1961 to explore these options. 
Workforce and Community Services is pleased to announce The Communiversity at the Center for Manufacturing Technology 2.0 as the newest facility for industry-driven training. This state-of-the-art building will serve as a regional hub for manufacturing, featuring the latest technology, industry-relevant equipment, and first-rate instruction. The Communiversity will house non-credit workforce training, credit manufacturing-related programs, and customized, on-demand training for industry partners. Additionally, the interactive showroom will allow for additional partnerships with K-12 institutions and will be a key strategy in developing the pipeline of future technicians to meet our local industry needs. Learn more about the Communiversity.


For more information, call:
Golden Triangle Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Division, 662.243.2686.

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