Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment/Dual Credit is a program at East Mississippi Community College that allows eligible high school students currently attending public and private high schools, or students who are home-schooled, to simultaneously enroll in a college course. Dual-enrolled students can take classes through either the Academic Division or the Career-Technical Division. Below are the different requirements and support services available for Dual Credit/Enrollment:

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Qualifications for "ACADEMIC" dual credit/enrollment students. -
  • Complete 14 core high school units or score a minimum composite ACT score of 30 or above or the equivalent SAT score.
  • Have a 2.5 or better grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Have a recommendation from your principal/counselor to participate.
Qualifications for "CAREER-TECHNICAL" dual credit/enrollment students. +
What are the steps for admission? +
How do I register? +
What is the cost? +
Who purchases my textbooks? +
How do I pay for my classes? +
Will my dual credit/enrolled classes transfer? +
How do I log in to online classes? +

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