Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Division

Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Division

East Mississippi Community College’s Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Division is much more than simply an educational institution--we are a catalyst for change. We bring people from all walks of life together to improve their economic opportunities. We strive to nurture the potential of all our students through high quality, industry-relevant, technical training programs focused on modern manufacturing. We specialize in equipping individuals with the necessary skills to obtain and retain a family-sustaining job.

The Manufacturing Technology and Engineering Division is a national leader in providing innovative career-technical education pathways. Through collaborative partnerships with regional businesses, we work to ensure that each program is aligned with the knowledge, skills, and abilities industry demands for middle-skilled careers.  We prepare students for skilled employment in the diverse and ever-changing modern manufacturing environment.

We combine rigorous technical education with industry-relevant credentials to validate technical skill attainment and equip students with the academic, technical, and soft skills necessary to succeed in high-demand careers.

Our programs are designed to lead to good jobs in high-demand industries and occupations. Our graduates are well poised for career advancement opportunities.

Earn an education that matters. At East Mississippi Community College, our students are blazing new paths in cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing, and applied engineering; landing family-sustaining jobs, all without the high price tag of a four-year institution.


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