JourneyEAST Orientation Sessions

Upon being admitted to East Mississippi Community College, students must both register for classes AND attend an orientation session. 

Registration sessions provide an opportunity for students to meet with an academic or career-technical advisor, discuss potential pathways, and select a chosen major. Students will receive a class schedule at the conclusion of their registration session. EMCC provides a variety of opportunities for students to complete the registration process. Students should register for a registration session using the links below. 

 JourneyEAST sessions are orientation sessions designed for all first-time, full-time students. Students will be introduced to a variety of campus resources designed to encourage student success in college. Students will also have the opportunity to tour campus, finalize their financial aid and check their account balance, obtain a student ID card, and purchase a parking decal. Students attending the Scooba campus will also handle housing accommodations during JourneyEAST. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to interact with EMCC faculty and staff, upperclassmen, and fellow incoming students. Parents are encouraged to attend, but not required to attend.

  • Students attending the Scooba Campus have the option of attending either a stand-alone registration session followed by a JourneyEAST session later in the summer OR a combined Registration & JourneyEAST session. The combined event will allow students to complete an academic advising session and get their class schedule in addition to the other orientation activities. SCHEDULE YOUR REGISTRATION SESSION AND JourneyEAST ORIENTATION AT THE SCOOBA CAMPUS HERE! (This includes the Meridian Naval Air Station.)
  • Students attending the Golden Triangle Campus should attend a registration session in the late-spring or early summer followed by a JourneyEAST Orientation session in mid-August.  SCHEDULE YOUR REGISTRATION SESSION AT THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE CAMPUS HERE! (This includes the Lion Hills, West Point Center and Columbus Air Force Base.)

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