Campus Safety & Security


The East Mississippi Community College Campus Police Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality law enforcement and crime prevention services to ensure our campuses remain safe and secure. Preventing crime is a responsiblity shared by all members of our campus community. If you see or suspect criminal activity, please report it immediately to the Campus Police Department. In case of an emergency, simply dial 9-1-1. Remember, if you SEE something, SAY something!
 Emergency  9-1-1
 Scooba Campus (662) 386.8011 or (662) 476.5000
 Golden Triangle Campus (662) 418.9487 or (662) 243.1990
Communiversity (662) 251.9657
Lion Hills (662) 328.4837
West Point Center (662) 243.2647
Macon Center Macon PD (662) 726.5847
East Mississippi Community College maintains a police presence at our Scooba Campus, the Golden Triangle Campus, the Communiversity, and the West Point Center. On the Scooba Campus the Police Department is located in the two-story building next to the President's House. At the Golden Triangle Campus, the police are located at the guard shack at the main entrance for the campus. At both the Communiversity and the West Point Center, the police maintain a roaming presence with a "home base" at the reception area. 
In an effort to provide transparency and compile with the Clery Act, EMCC publishes a daily crime report that spans the past sixty days. You can access the latest report here