The Ballroom

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Our bright and spacious Ballroom is used for our largest events and receptions. It features vaulted ceilings with stunning chandeliers, and enjoys access to our outdoor patio which overlooks the pond and fountain on the front nine holes of the golf course. The Ballroom can accommodate up to 200 guests. The beautiful natural wood panels of the Ballroom provide an elegant, sophisticated atmosphere for that special event in your life. Our baby grand player piano adds to your extraordinary dining experience in our Ballroom. The Ballroom is the setting for our colossal Sunday Brunch.



Second Intensive Classes Begin Oct. 8, 2018
Late Registration Deadline is Oct. 10, 2018
Online Classes Second Intensive First Day of Classes Oct. 15, 2018
Late Registration Deadline (for Online) is Oct. 18, 2018
East Mississippi Community College
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  • On-Site Classes
    Second Intensive
    Register by October 10
    First day of classes October 8
  • Online Classes
    Second Intensive
    Register by October 15
    First day of classes October 18