Lion Hills Directions

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2331 Military Road

Columbus, MS 39705

Lion Hills Golf Course is a USGA 18-hole course with several membership categories and green-fee play options available. In addition to the golf course, Lion Hills offers tennis and swimming facilities. Lion Hills also houses the EMCC Hospitality/Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts and Recreational Golf/Turf Management Technology programs. The students receive live rather than simulated training and experience in the Lion Hills Center. Students are integrally involved in the kitchen and serving operations and golf course maintenance. 



Second Intensive Classes Begin Oct. 8, 2018
Late Registration Deadline is Oct. 10, 2018
Online Classes Second Intensive First Day of Classes Oct. 15, 2018
Late Registration Deadline (for Online) is Oct. 18, 2018
East Mississippi Community College
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  • On-Site Classes
    Late Start
    Register by September 7
    First day of classes September 10
  • Online Classes
    Late Start
    Register by September 14
    First day of classes September 17