Financial Aid Refunds

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East Mississippi Community College is now partnering with BankMobile to bring a new method for receiving your financial aid refunds. It means more choices for managing your money and receiving Financial Aid refunds. Our partnership with BankMobile ensures faster delivery of the refund money we may have for you and smarter ways to manage that money.

What do students need to do?

Make sure East Mississippi Community College has your current mailing address. Be sure to update your address with the U.S. Postal service as well to avoid delays.
Visit BankMobile for current information about your refunds.

Second Intensive Classes Begin Oct. 8, 2018
Late Registration Deadline is Oct. 10, 2018
Online Classes Second Intensive First Day of Classes Oct. 15, 2018
Late Registration Deadline (for Online) is Oct. 18, 2018
East Mississippi Community College
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  • On-Site Classes
    Second Intensive
    Register by October 10
    First day of classes October 8
  • Online Classes
    Second Intensive
    Register by October 15
    First day of classes October 18