EMCC Scholarships

East Mississippi Community College Scholarships
East Mississippi Community College is pleased to offer the following scholarships to its students who are applying by the August 1, 2018 deadline for the 2018-2019 academic year. These scholarships have been established to help with the cost of attending any EMCC campus or center. For questions you can contact Lion Central on the Golden Triangle campus at 662.243.1920 or on the Scooba campus at 662.476.5079, or any of the contacts specified under a particular scholarship.


The application deadline date is August 1 for fall and January 2 for spring. Unless otherwise noted, awards are for four consecutive semesters. To meet scholarship renewal requirements a minimum of 15 hours and a cumulative 2.5 grade point average must be maintained each semester (some awards require a 3.0).

Amount: $700 per semester.
Criteria: ACT 20 - 23
Amount: $1,400 per semester. 
Criteria: ACT 24 - 28
Amount: $3,500 per semester. 
Criteria: ACT 29+
Renewal: Maintain cumulative GPA of 3.0.
High School Valedictorian or Salutatorian
Amount: $500 per semester.
Criteria: Rank first or second in class.
Renewal: Maintain cumulative GPA of 3.0. 
Distinguished Young Woman of the Year
1st place $250 per semester
2nd place $200 per semester
3rd place $150 per semester
Awarded two semesters.
Criteria: Validation by letter from Sponsor.
Questions? Call Lion Central. 
Toyota-Haley Barbour Scholarship
For questions please contact Manufacturing, Technology, and Engineering Division of Career Technical Education at 662.243.2659. 
Academic Program or Career & Technical Program
Amount: $250 per semester. 
Criteria: Recommendation by Program Division Head. 
TIC Welding Scholarship
Amount: Varies.
Criteria: Recommendation by Program Division Head.
Tuition Guarantee
Amount: Cost of tuition per semester (the award in combination with all other gift aid cannot exceed the cost of tuition).
Criteria: Complete FAFSA. | Complete MTAG/MESG. | Possess a high school or home-school diploma. | Resident of Noxubee, Lowndes, Lauderdale Clay, Oktibbeha, or Kemper counties.
Renewal: Cumulative 2.50 gpa and successfully complete a minimum of 15 hours each term (failure results in scholarship loss).
Vocational Outstanding Student
Amount: $1,800 per semester.
Criteria: Enrolled in a high school vocational center in a county from Noxubee, Lowndes, Lauderdale, Clay, Oktibbeha, or Kemper. | Recommendation by the Vocational Director. | Only one award per Vocational Center. 
Columbus Air Force Base Award
Amount: Free tuition for only one 3 hour course.
Criteria: Awarded to CCAF graduates. | Use within two semesters of graduation. | Send CCAF graduation certificate with EMCC schedule to CAFB campus. 
Visual Art
Amount: Varies. 
Criteria: Provide a portfolio of your artwork to the Head of the Art Department. | Participation in all art activities required.


Students who wish to apply for the following scholarships must contact the sponsor, the coach, or the advisor for the requirements and information. All scholarships require a minimum enrollment of 15 semester hours. Scholarships are awarded for two semesters with a maximum of four semesters possible. 

Amount: Varies. 
Criteria: Application. | Tryout. | Maintain cumulative GPA of 2.5. | Recommendation by the Band Director.
Questions? Call Band Director 662.476.5000. 
Amount: Varies. 
Criteria: Application. | Tryout. | Selected by sponsor/judges. | Maintain cumulative GPA of 2.5.
Questions? Contact the Cheerleader Sponsor 662.476.5000. 
Amount: Varies. 
Criteria: Application. | Audition. | Recommendation by Music Director | Maintain cumulative GPA of 2.5.
Questions? Contact the Music Department 662.476.5000. 
Choral (Scooba) / Chorus (Golden Triangle)
Amount: Varies. 
Criteria: Application. | Audition. | Recommendation by Music Director
Questions? Contact the Music Department for Scooba campus 662.476.5000 or for Golden Triangle campus 662.243.1900. 
Amount: Varies. 
Criteria: Application. | Audition. | Recommendation by Coordinator. | Maintain cumulative GPA of 2.5.
Questions? Contact the Speech and Drama Coordinator for Scooba campus 662.476.5000 or for Golden Triangle campus 662.243.1900. 
Amount: Varies (total package may not exceed $900 per semester or 50% of Pell, whichever is greater). 
Criteria: Application. | Recommendation by Head Coach. | Must meet eligibility requirements with EMCC, MJCAA and NJCAA.
Questions? Contact  662.476.5000. 
Amount: Up to $800 per semester. 
Criteria:  Learn more here or Contact recruiter for Scooba campus 662.476.5000 or for Golden Triangle campus 662.243.1900. 

Institutional scholarship requirements/information, excluding athletic or activity-based scholarships:

        • Scholarship applications will not be accepted after August 1 for fall semester enrollees or January 2 for spring semester enrollees. If you enroll in the fall but miss the scholarship application deadline you will not be allowed to apply for scholarships for the spring semester. You must meet the scholarship application deadline for the first semester you enroll.
        • The admissions file must be complete before a student is considered eligible for scholarships. At a minimum, the student must have completed an admissions application.  The EMCC Scholarship Application will not be considered without the completion of the admissions application. Both applications must be completed by deadline dates as specified in the first bullet.
        • The applicant must be a Mississippi resident enrolling as a full-time (15 hours or more), first-time freshman in the fall or spring semester following high school graduation. Transfer students are not eligible to apply.
        • The applicant must meet the required criteria of each specific scholarship for which they are applying. For ACT-based scholarships, the ACT composite score on file at the application deadline date for the semester the student plans to enroll is the score that will be used.
        • Scholarships are only awarded for fall and spring semesters unless the program in which the student is enrolled requires a summer semester (Licensed Practical Nursing, Cosmetology, and Paramedic).
        • Scholarships are awarded and/or renewed for either two or four semesters, depending upon the scholarship criteria.
        • Multiple scholarships can be applied to all costs (tuition, books, fees, room and board, etc.), however, ACT-based scholarships cannot be stacked.
        • No refunds will be given in the event scholarship amounts exceed expenses.
        • Progress is checked after each semester. If the required grade point average (GPA) or 15 hour course load is not maintained throughout the semester the student will receive the scholarship under a probationary period during the following semester. If the GPA or course load is not maintained during the probationary semester the scholarship is lost.
        • If 15 semester hours are not maintained throughout the first six weeks of any given semester the scholarship is lost for that semester and any subsequent semesters. If you drop below 15 hours within the first six weeks it is possible to enroll in a future term within that same semester (i.e. a mini-term offered within the same semester) in order have enough hours to regain the 15 hour requirement.
        • No student will be receive institutional scholarships for repeated classes that were successfully completed with a grade of C or higher and those classes will not count toward the 15 semester credit hours required for institutional scholarships.

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